Re: Where are the vital records for Bircza, Galicia? #galicia #poland

Mark Halpern

Dear Moses:

Unfortunately the Jewish vital records of the town of Bircza have not survived. Bircza was a registration town where Jews from Bircza and many other smaller towns and villages registered their vital events. The easiest way to determine what records are available to Jewish genealogists for a town is to search Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation website - and click on Archive Documents. 

Mark Halpern


On 2020-05-08 4:15 am, Moses Jefferson wrote:

Dear fellow researchers,

While trying to trace my family roots, I’ve discovered a branch of my family tree originate from the village Bircza, located in the Premyśl County, south-eastern Poland.

Although the village had a thriving large Jewish community until the war, I cannot seem to find any trace of records from this village.

Perhaps they registered in more larger towns nearby?, but nevertheless I did not succeed finding my ancestors names mentioned in any index on JRI-Poland.

Does this perhaps mean they actually did register BM&D in their local town, meaning the register you books are gone forever??

I would appreciate if someone can shed light to this mystery.

Moses Jefferson

Searching for MERZEL / MERZIL / MÖRCEL from Bircza.

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