Re: Searching for my mothers lost sister from Belaya Tzerkov Ukraine: Chaya Gohfeld #ukraine

Renee Steinig

Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names (https://yvng.yadvashem.orgincludes a Page of Testimony for David Gokhfeld from Belaya Tserkov, son of Moisey. Possibly there's a family connection. 

The good news: the Page was written in 2016, so the submitter, Bronislava Bank Gokhfeld (or Gokhfeld Bank?), may well be alive. Some challenges: she's in Moscow and wrote the Page (attached) in Russian. 

The Page includes Bronislava's address. If someone translates that for you, you might try writing her.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

George Weiss <g.weis@...> wrote:

<<<... I am the son of Brucha Gohfeld(Betty Garfield)..Married name Betty Weiss...When my mother and her brother left Belaya Tzerkov in 1923 to Chicago to live with some relatives, he younger Sister Chaya was ill and could not travel..Until 1961 my mother and her brother Morris Garfield had contact with their sister via letters but in 1961 the Soviet Union cut off all contact with the West...Since 1961 there has not been any contact with Chaya and her daughter Valentina..I am trying to find the Daughter Valentina because do to age my Aunt Chaya would be I assume she is pasted away..I would really hope someone reading this may know her..Please feel free to contact me George Weiss : g.weis@...>>

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