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LeeAnn Dance

Two years ago my colleague Cliff Hackel and I released My Dear Childrenthe first-ever documentary about the anti-Jewish massacres in Eastern Europe following WWI.  Unfortunately, it’s a period of history that is little known or understood, despite the fact that pogrom scholars today consider these massacres to be a precursor to the Holocaust just 20 years later.  Just after the film’s release, JewishGen hosted a screening of My Dear Children at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC.  Now this award-winning film is in its second year of distribution to public television stations nationwide through American Public Television and has reached more than 75% of US TV households.  Yet we know many still do not know about this piece of history shared by so many.  Cliff and I believe this is an important story that needs to be heard loud and wide.
During the lockdown, we are offering a stay-at-home digital download of the film for just $10.  The offer will go away when the lockdown lifts.  
Just this week, I received this email from someone who discovered the film while doing research on Ancestry.com:
"Thank you for one of the most extraordinary and powerful experiences I have ever had. The film you made is exquisitely done, and as a theatre professional (producer, dramaturg, director) and academic, I have the judgment to see how much craft as well as intelligence was used to shape an important story. 
I'm sure many people have said what I’ll say: This is my history about which I knew almost nothing. It means a great deal to me to understand where my family came from, and to consider what it means to be Jewish. My family largely repudiated Judaism and I internalized their disinterest, or perhaps even repugnance. I know I will watch this film many times and will encourage my friends and family to see it as well.”   Susan Jonas
To see a 12-minute piece of the film and to get your digital download, follow this link:  https://www.mydearchildrendoc.com/screen-the-film/  
That page will also link you to the little book that inspired the film.
And if you’re interested and want to get a group together, talk to me about a Zoom Q&A.  I know you will have lots of questions after seeing the film, and I hope you find it informative and meaningful.
LeeAnn Dance
My Dear Children

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