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Dahn Cukier

AFAIK there is no central death data base open to the public.
The Bituach Leumi and Ministry of Interior have most death and
grave information. I do NOT know when the data began being recorded.
Bituach leumi pays for the burial of Israeli citizens.

Searching for graves in Israel online can be frustrating.
=Billiongraves claims to have photos, but the indexing takes time
=Findagrave volunteers need to know at least the cemetery or the
burial society (and the father's name).
=GRAVEZ is a new application that has photographed and indexed 28 of the
larger cemeteries and is working on Mt of Olives.
=Tel Aviv, Sgula, Hod Hasharon, Haifa, Military**
If you know of another online database write me directly and I will
summarize the list.
Jewishgen has a number of cemeteries and most important, the Hebrew
spelling of many names.

Remember that indexes can be wrong or misleading, searches should be
imaginative. This advise includes all indexes.

All requests to burial societies or searches on data bases require
the name of the deceased and the FATHER's name. The date
is also helpful.

If you have the Israeli ID number and know the location, the search
is a simple call to the office.

ID number. Either from a record you have or if the person owned a
home (house or apartment) AND the land was parceled, they MAY
be listed in the land registry - but you need the address. Land
registry queries cost about 3 USD each (Apartments do not correspond
to the numbering in the registry). I have only been able to
find one ID with this method.

I have requested location of graves from before 1955 and have been
told by the local society, that they have no recordings. One grave
was from 1936, the other from 1952. The people may have been lazy,
but they may have no information. The larger cemeteries may have
been better setup to keep records.

I was told on a kibbutz, that a person buried there was not because they
only bury members. It turned out that the person was the sister
of a member and the grave was located on the kibbutz.

**Military. The site is and includes people buried in military cemeteries,
soldiers who have died on active duty, police, at least some security personnel
and some prestate military figures.


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On Sunday, May 10, 2020, 03:18:24 AM GMT+3, dennis gries <dgries@...> wrote:

                Is there a searchable Israeli death index?

Recently, Rose and Theo have offered hints about getting death certs.  My targets are siblings of my maternal grandmother and their children.

I have looked at FindAGrave and BillionGraves, and there is one person close.

Precisely, the earliest pair is Ida (perhaps born Ides) nee Puretz, and married to Anshel  Katz.

Ida was born 13 Feb 1899 and this is a compilation of notes that I have on her:

per XX > in Koln married a man from Breslau.  In 1935 left for Palestine.  ( died in Israel)

            Per YY > had one son, who died young - in his 20s.

                        Found some papers - 1966 from I. Katz,  Keren Kajemet 31 - Tel Aviv -

Per YY - this is Ida Puretz Katz . Also have 1950 receipts of packages to A(nschel). Katz and I. Katz at the same address (Blvd).


I see that there is a rather famous Asher Anchel Katz, and wonder if our Anschel had a first name not known to me.  My sources are long deceased.   I don’t know Hebrew, but can labor through, esp with machines translations.


Any help will be thanked profusely.


Dennis Gries – Florida USA


(Gries, Neubart, Puretz, with some other extinct in the Holocaust)





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