Re: Hessen Gatermann database #germany

Roger Lustig

I should have been more specific when giving the following link for
users to find images while the links in the Hessen Gatermann database
are broken:

I wrote: In the meantime, note that the images can be accessed via

The search page is for town names. The results of that search should
include, on the right-hand side, an entry for "Standesregister der
j├╝dischen Gemeinden (1583 ff.)". Click on that one.

The result should be a list of links to the various available items. For
instance, for the town of Gudensberg, the results are:

Geburtsregister der Juden von Gudensberg, 1875-1901 (HHStAW Abt. 365 Nr.
Geburtsregister der Juden von Gudensberg, 1824-1874 (HHStAW Abt. 365 Nr.
Trauregister der Juden von Gudensberg, 1825-1900 (HHStAW Abt. 365 Nr. 386)
Sterberegister der Juden von Gudensberg, 1824-1900 (HHStAW Abt. 365 Nr. 387)

Now, in the Hessen Gatermann search results at JewishGen, next to the
link there is a call number of the form:

HHStAW 365/xxx/ppp/sss

where x, p and i represent digits.

x represents the item number in the collection.

p represents the page/image number within the item.

s represents the serial number of the entry, which often appears in the

For example, a marriage from the town of Gudensberg might have the call

HHStAW 365/386/36/131

The xxx number (386 in this case) is the item number, which points to
the 3rd item listed above. Click on the appropriate item and then
navigate to the indicated page (36 here).

Complicated? Indeed! That's why we're trying to get the links in our
database fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience,

Roger Lustig

Princeton, NJ

research coordinator, GerSIG

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