Seeking descendants of Alexander Rothschild and his wife Rebecca born Hubert #usa #germany

Jack Hubert

I am trying to update a part of the Hubert family history that I have very little information on..
Alexander Rothschild born in Bavaria in 1816. His wife Rebecca Hubert born in the village
of Cronheim Bavaria Germany in 1819. Rebecca was the daughter of an ancestor named
Salomon Hirsch Hubert born in 1780 in Cronheim .
Alexander and Rebecca were married in the 1840's in Hartford Conn. Alexander died in 1899.
Rebecca died in 1894. Both are buried in Zion Hill Cemetery Hartford Conn. The information I
have shows the following children from that marriage.
Elias Rothschild born 1850 in Hartford Conn. Passed in 1914.
Samuel Rothschild born 1852 in Hartford Conn. Passed 1889.
Henrietta Rothschild born 1854 in Hartford Conn. Known as Etta. Passed 1918.
Caroline Rothschild born 1858 in Hartford Conn. Known as Carrie. Passed 1919
William Benjamin Rothschild .born 1860 in Hartford Conn. Passed 1904.
There is a possibility of another child Adelaide Rothschild born in 1842 in Hartford Conn. Passed 1861.
If any of the members of Jewish Gen has information that can help me update that part of the Hubert
family history it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jack Hubert.

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