Need translators preferably volunteers #germany #translation

Ellen Lukas Kahn

JewishGen Viewmate request for transcribers

Having researched my ancestors for over 40 years (shortly after my father's death), and being a first generation American whose ancestors all were born and lived in Germany,  I am in need of finding a few  volunteers to help me transcribe some of the old German documents, letters, etc. from my ancestors (some almost 200 years old). 

Some of these are official documents, some are letters handwritten, and others are in German script, but most are pt which are very difficult for me to even read.  

I live near Chicago and would love to know of someone who lives nearby, but would very much welcome the help of any long distance transcriber.  Please advise me whether you can transcribe either German script, handwritten letters/postcards, or just typed documents.

Ellen Lukas Kahn
Homewood, IL


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