Pogulyaev and Pugliev family #belarus #ukraine


I am searching for my fathers family. My father was born Igor Pogulyaev 1929, Kyiv, Ukraine. Until recently we did not know who his parents were as they disappeared when he was very young. We now believe his father was Aleksi Danilovich Pogulyaev born 1907 Novozybkov, Belarus. Through my fathers Ancestry dna matches I am searching for family of
Moshe Meir Pugliev Bogdanoff 1851-1915 father Tuvia from Novozybkov, Belarus
Shlyoma Pogulyaev 1804-1842 father Nokhim from Novozybkov and Dobrush of Gomel
I have searched through Arolsen archives, Ancestry, J-roots, Vgd, Ukraine.com, Ukrainian archives and any other site I can find but can not find the connection between these two families or where my father might fit.
Thank you in advance for any information or advice on where I might look next
Helen Craddock 

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