World War II Enlistment -- strange civil occupation #usa

Josephine Rosenblum

William MENDEL's WW II Enlistment Record has most information correct, including 4 years of college, but his "Civil Occupation" is  listed as "Actor (Motion picture actor.) or Director, Motion Picture (Motion [picture director.) or Entertainer".
   I knew Bill, who later changed his surname to MENDELL, and asked him about this.  He had absolutely no idea why the Army wrote this.  He was born in Columbus and lived there.  He had never been in any facet of show business.  He was positive he hadn't written it, either seriously or as a joke.  He was a businessman.
   I have seen similar errors in other Enlistment Records, but nothing as far from the mark as this.
   Any ideas why this occurred?  Thanks in advance for your input.

Josephine Rosenblum,  Cincinnati, OH   <JoRose@...>

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