Seeking Relatives of Mark Yosifovich GEKBLIT #russia #israel #belarus #ukraine

Renée K. Carl

I am writing on behalf of Peter Lyons, who has some eyesight challenges.
Peter is seeking contact with the family who dedicated a new headstone in the Slavuta Cemetery. The headstone, translated, reads:

Mark Yosifovich [Mark Gekblit, son of Yosif]
1868 - 1934
Monument restored 2002
[by his] grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren
in Belarus, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and USA

In the USA, the family changed the spelling to HORBLIT. Peter's mother's maiden name was HORBLIT, and the family was from Slavuta and Shepetivka. He would like to determine how his mother might have been related to the family of Mark GEKBLIT. If you know of HORBLIT or GEKBLIT (or phonetic similar spellings), especially any connection to Slavuta, Shepetivka or Zaslav, please contact me and I will facilitate contact with Peter.

Thank you,  Renee Carl, <rkcarl@...> on behalf of Peter Lyons

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