Silius Radicum - Silesian sources #poland #germany

Daniel Schilling

Dear all -
a year or so ago, I stumbled over this site of Silesian genealogists: They offer a lot of metrical sources from the Silesia region scanned in very good quality.
Most are roman-catholic, some protestant, but there are also several jewish collections from cities like Berun, Bytom, Gliwice, Chorzow etc.
Most records are from the time before the introduction of civil registers (oct 1874). I studied especially the Gliwice files which date back to 1739. It helped me reconstruct my Troplowitz and a bit of my Wittner ancestry.

The Link to the files is: You can choose then a city and download the data from their dropbox.

Does anybody know more about this association? I found it very helpful.

Kind regards,
Daniel Schilling
Bremen, Germany

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