Help on serveral ukrainian ancesters #ukraine


Dear all,
I am sure some of you will be able to give me informations one of these ancestors of mine, here are all informations I can give you about them:
STERNBERG Joseph: russian from Odessa, according to familial story he would have been something like 1st attorney of the Imperial Court of Odessa, lost his job after the Revolution, worked at the reception of an hotel before dying.
STEIFELER Esther: His wife, left Odessa with 3 children Guenady (my grand-father), Gregory and Malvina. They lived in Turquey for 2 years before reaching Paris and settle there.
HANOWER Mosjek Lejba: father of my grand-father Guenady's first wife sara Symcha Hanover (died in the extermination camps)
SZNAJDERMAN Fajga Laja: Polish, mother of my grand-father Guenady's first wife Sara Symcha Hanower (died in the extermination camps)
VERBA Isaac: father of VERBA Isidore Alexandre who was born in Novoconstantinow, Ukraine
GROSS Sarah: father of VERBA Isidore Alexandre, would have been German
HAIMOVITCH Joseph: father of Sarah HAIMOVITCH who was born in 1872 in Eupatoria, Crimea
POPITCH Olga: mother of Sarah HAIMOVITCH
MANACHEVITCH Hirsch: father of Victor MANACHEVITCH who was born 15 nov 1866 in Simferopol, Crimea
Victor MANACHEVITCH and Sarah HAIMOVITCH had  at least 4 children in Eupatoria (Hana 1892, Dora 1893, Rissa 1895 and Bluma 1896) before reaching France 
Any help to find informations about all these people would be very appreciated!
Many thanks from Paris to you all,
Sébastien Torio

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