Re: Need help translating Hebrew writing on a card from Rabbi RABINOVICI of Minneapolis Congreation Sh'arit Israel (defunct) #translation

David Lewin

I only have one item - the visiting card of the Rabbi

The Hebrew letters give the identical information as the English content  That first word is the transliterated "congregation"

David Lewin

At 20:38 11/05/2020, Aline Petzold wrote:
Hello All:
 I have in my possession a calling card from Rabbi Rabinovici of Congreation Sh'arit Israel.  This was a Minneapolis synagogue, but is sadly no longer in existence.   I am wondering if someone can help me translate the Hebrew printing on the front of the card and also the writing on the back of the card.
Thank you,   Aline Petzold   <linypetzold@...> Content-Type: application/pdf; name="synagogue card copy.pdf"
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