Jablonski family #poland

Esther Brill

Looking for information about my paternal grandparents and great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins Note: I have  come across different spellings for Jablonski

gf - Mortchaj (Mordechai) Jablonski - son of ? Dan and Cywia died before 1888 as noted in translation of son's marriage registration 
married ?1846 to Leja (leia) Grossman daughter of Leybka Grosman and Basia Mendelsohn  b. ?1828 died before 1888, lived in Szczuczyn.

=Jankiel (Yankel) Jablonsky -- Elchanan David -- 
1863-1913)   Emigrated to NYC 1911 as Davidd Levin/e -- killed in shootout between a policeman and gang members (caught in crossfire 
  married 12 Dec 1888 to Estera Goldberg daughter of Szlema (Solomon) Goldberg and Branna  Trcianska daughter of Aron  in Grajewo

Have found a reference to a Chaja Jablonski - sister of Yankel and a sister of Ester;s named Zlate but  no supporting evidence
Ester came to NY in 1917 with 4 of her 5 children. (Sarah, Saul (my father) Willie and Dinah)   She died in*1932.  I have visited her grave and have pictures of it but in visit to cemetery last year, I was told they didn't have a record for her.  I visited the NYC Municipal archives but couldn't find a death certificate either either 
Both Ester and Yankel//David going to a relative Isak Levin in NYC -- unclear if its brother, brother in law or what.
No record for Ester after going to Isaac's at 52 Suffolk St (had moved from Broome St where David went to and lived according to newspaper accounts, although I know she lived in the lower East Side.

- Isaac lived with his wife Rebecca and children 
Joseph   Max  and Emmaniel .  Emaniel/Emanual was born in the US.  Have been unable to find documents for their emigration to NY but do know Isaac came seperately and Rebecca came with children several years later.  - Is it possible that Zlate's name was Americanized eto Rebecca?

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