Seeking relatives of Erna EICHMANN of Bad Salzuflen and Cape Town #southafrica

Anne Webber

I'm seeking information on, or descendants/ relatives of Erna EICHMANN, born on 10 April 1903 in Bad Salzuflen, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. She fled from Germany to Cape Town on 25 February 1937. 

She was the daughter of Julius Jonas EICHMANN, a manufacturer born on 28 October 1865 in Bad Salzuflen who died on 14 May 1952 aged 86 in the Cape Jewish Aged Home, Highlands House. Erna's mother was Bertha EICHMANN, born in Germany on 5 September 1871 and who died on 26 May 1941 in Cape Town aged 69. In August 1939, Jonas and Bertha Eichmann had followed their daughter Erna in fleeing to South Africa.

Does anyone know if Erna EICHMANN married and had children, and if so what her married name was? If not, does anyone know when and where she died? If anyone can help connect me with Erna EICHMANN and her family, please let me know. Thanks very much.

Anne Webber
London, UK

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