Do you have a Krieger passenger sheet when they first arrived in the US? My family is Krieger from Petersburg, but I try not to miss all Jewish speakers of this family name.
The names Harry and Morris are American names, they were definitely different at birth.
Harry’s name was often taken in America by Aron or Hirsch, but this is of course not necessary.
Morris could be Moses, Morduh, or even Mendel.
Did you find a family similar to yours at  If so, pay attention to the grandparents indicated in the birth records or census family . Usually, children were given names in honor of deceased close relatives. For example, if you find a birth record for Esther, whose grandfather was named Morduch (or Moses, or Mendel), and Morris is Esther’s brother, then pay attention to this family.
I know of one family registered in Krakinawa, but living according to the 1897 census in Livengof, Dvinsky county. These are Meer (72 years old) and Hana Krieger (71 years old). Unfortunately, there is too little information from you to understand the relationship between Esther and the rest, their approximate age ...

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