Re: searching Austro-Hungary for family #austria-czech #hungary

Try the indices in the following link

The town was known to Jews as Tselim to avoid saying kreutz cross.

The records are available online on the Familysearch website.

Jacob Shayzaf Israel   <>

Norbert Steiner  <steiner71@...>  wrote:
My father grew up in a town now known as Deutschkreutz in Austria. Though the name is a German name everybody in the town speaks Hungarian. He told me that he had siblings (I know all 4), half siblings and step siblings (none of whom I know). The only thing I know about one of them is that he went to Australia and won a Bronze medal at the Olympics in California for Australia. Can anyone advise me where or how to look for those half- and step-siblings? I believe that I have exhausted all data banks that I know of but there must be others that I know nothing of. How does anyone look for documents without physically going to the towns and villages where they lived?

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