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Corey Brand


I found that my third great uncle Louis Miller and his wife Mollie Edith Goodman, did have one child, a male stillborn on 21 May 1914 in Los Angeles. The child was not given a name on the birth and death certificates. The child also seems to be buried in a non-Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles. 

In the religion, are Stillborns given names and proper funerals? I was shocked to find out the cemetery wasn’t a Jewish one. Maybe it’s a mistake? 

I haven’t been able to find Louis’ passenger manifests. Seems like the date and/or ship on his Massachusetts naturalization papers weren’t too accurate (1 or 15 Mar 1903, from Hamburg to NYC, on a ship called Deutschland). Something along the lines of Meller was the true last name. I assume he was Leib(a), after his paternal grandfather (he had many cousins named Louis). His grave doesn’t say a Hebrew name, and the Louis and Mollie are buried in a Jewish Cemetery. 

Any incite is appreciated. Thanks,
Corey Brand
Fort Lauderdale, FL

MELLER, MILLER, and many other spelling variations
Family hailed from Krekenava, in modern Lithuania and settled in Boston, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. 
Other names in the MILLER family: WEINER, from Kovno (unsure if from city or gubernia); LIBMAN/LIEBMAN, from Panevezys; GOLDBERG from Krakes; SHER from Krekenava. 

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