Discussion Group Guidelines #guidelines

Nancy Siegel

We have a very active Discussion Group. Participation in the Group is more productive for everyone when we all follow some basic Guidelines. Please follow these Guidelines when preparing your messages or replies:

Upper Case - Capital Letters
Please don’t type words using all upper case (capital) letters. Upper case (capital) letters should only be used when typing the surnames you are researching (e.g. SIEGEL) or acronyms (e.g IAJGS).

If you want to emphasize other words in your message, you can use bold to make them stand out, instead.

Descriptive Subject Lines
Please use descriptive subject lines. They should be similar to a headline in a newspaper or magazine, letting the readers know the main topic(s) of your message. Members often scan the subject lines to determine which messages to read. 

Subject lines such as “Translation needed” or “My grandmother” or “My ancestral town” or “I need help” are not descriptive. Instead, perhaps, “Translation needed - Russian”, “My STEIN grandmother from Ukraine”,  “My ancestral city of Vienna, Austria”, “Help needed deciphering US census report”.

You may also add hashtags at the end of your subject line, as explained in the complete Guidelines (see link below). The Moderators will add hashtags as needed.

Emails that lack clear, descriptive subject lines may be rejected by the Moderators. Senders may be asked to modify their subject lines or the Moderators may make minor changes to the subject lines themselves to ensure clarity. 

Please follow this link to read the complete set of Guidelines:

Thank you!

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco/CA/USA)
Director of Communications 

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