Re: Were "nephews" sometimes really cousins? #general

Deborah Blinder

When my mother immigrated to the United States after World War II, she was sponsored by an uncle and aunt who had left Germany just before the beginning of the war. I knew them when I was small, and my mother always called them Onkel Otto and Tante Paula. She called their son, who was about a year younger than my mother, her cousin, and I always assumed they were first cousins. Long after the deaths of my mother, her cousin, and her uncle and aunt, my research revealed that Onkel Otto was actually my mother's first cousin once removed, and his son was my mother's second cousin. It's too late to ask, of course, but I assume my mother referred to these cousins as uncle and aunt out of respect, since they were of her parents' generation and acted, in a way, as surrogates for her parents, who did not survive the Shoah.  
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