Genome Mate Pro ("GMP") question #dna

Moishe Miller

Dear DNA Group,

I hope my note finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Would you know if Genome Mate Pro ("GMP") has the capability of automatic "painting"? For instance, if I load my DNA to the software and also load my father's DNA, and identify it as such, will GMP be able to "phase" my 44 autosomes into 22 paternal and 22 maternal "strands"? And, for females, also the two "X" chromosomes? My understanding is that this level of phasing eliminates many false positives for small segment matches.

If GMP can do this, could GMP then compare my DNA to anyone, and determine if a match is a maternal or paternal match?

Does GMP have the further capability of allowing me to load DNA from other relatives, like aunts/uncles, 1C, 2C, etc., in sufficient quantity, so that the software is able to "paint" most of my DNA to my eight great-grandparents? If it can, then it would seem likely it can determine where any DNA match probably stems from (ie, which of my 8 g-gp's)?

Is there any software (yet) that can do this?

Thank you for your time,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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