Looking for descendants of the Wessely family and the Schindler family from Brno #austria-czech


Seeking contact with descendants of the Wessely family from Brno/Moravia (originally from Ivancice) and the Schindler family from Brno. I am also interested in any further information on these families, especially photos and personal documents like letters for example.

The members of the families I know:

My greatgrandfather Walter Wessely (1896-1942?) had five siblings:
Erwin Wessely (1891-1915)
Valerie Nagl (remarried Kubin) (1894-1964)
Käthe Wessely (1905-1941?)
Elsa Wessely (1900-1941?)
Irma Havelova (1902-1985)

Their parents were Maximilian Wessely (1861-1924) and Jeanette Wessely (1866-1941), nee Schindler.

Jeanette`s parents were David Schindler (1832-1920) and Katherina Schindler (1878-1904), nee Rybar. Jeanette had – as far as I know - three sisters: Bertha Schindler, Emma Weichselbaum and Pauline Riess.

Maximilian`s parents were Anton Wessely (1829-1902) and Rosalie Wessely (1832-1918), nee Breth.

Maximilian`s siblings were Leopold Wessely (1858-1912), Arnold Wessely (1860-1916), Alois Wessely (1863-1923), Heinrich Wessely (1866-1926), Sigmund Wessely (February 1871-August 1871) and Hedwig Neumann (1872-?).

Any hint is appreciated. Thank you.

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