Research Maurice Leizerson, family of Claude Pasquier and Kronental, Sternis or Berliner #poland #france

Danielle Czal

Leizerson Maurice - Pasquier Claude-  Kronental
I look for  the brother of my grand father who immigrante in USA from Warszawa. he was born around 1886. His father was Slzama Leizerson, ans his mother Sarah Cheindel Chwast.
A cousine of my mother immigrate in USA from Paris in 1942 with heur husband and her son : Marie and Paul Parczeswski. They change their name in Pasquier. The son called Claude Jacqures Pasquier. I look for their family now.
The family of my grand mother called Hawa Kronental (1883), Moszeck(1897) Kronental and Itzack Kronental (1885). There parents called Moshe-Aron Kronental (1859) and Sura Sternis. Sura Sternis had a brother Abraham Sternis (1974) who came in Paris withe his family. The mother of Sura Sternis was a Berliner.
If someone had connections with them, i wil be happy to know them
Thanks a lot Danielle Czalczynski

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