Re: Seeking information on Cohen & Shapiro families from Podu Iloaiei & Iasi, Romani #bessarabia #romania

Aline Petzold

Hello Nicholas:
 My family is from Stefanesti, a small town very close to Podu Iloaiei. My great uncle came to Montreal from Romania in 1908 and began a successful suit factory, which is still in business today ( Jack Victor and Sons).  My grandparents followed and settled in Montreal in 1938.  I now live in the US but grew up in Montreal. 

I have scanned the document about the Jewish Community in  Podu Iloaiei.  I found a reference there to a Ghershen Cohn, under the Communal life section:
Also, my grandmother's cousin was a Kohn - I wonder if we are related? Aline Petzold

"GHERSEN COHN: born in 1868, in his youth he was active in the press as the editor of Di Yiddisher Tzukunft (1899)."

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