Help with Farkas/Weiss in Hungary #hungary

Rose Potter

I’m wondering if anyone has any tips to help me research my great great grandparents, Marion Farkas and Regina Farkas (maiden name Weiss) from Hungary. They would have been born around the 1860s, and according to my grandmother they lived their whole lives in Hungary. I am especially focusing on Regina and trying to find out more specifics on when and where she was born. I have found several records on Family Search and Ancestry for babies named Regina Weiss who were born around the right time, and I’ve also found burial records of women named Regina Farkas who were buried in Jewish cemeteries in Austria or Hungary around when I think she would’ve died, but those records that I’ve found have so little information that I can’t confirm if they’re the records of my relative. I also can’t find any records at all for Marion Farkas.

Any ideas? Are there alternate names for Marion and/or Regina that I should try searching?

Rose Potter

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