Ukrainian birthplace for one great uncle from Northern Lithuania #lithuania #ukraine #russia

Michele Lock

My grandfather and his 9 siblings were all born and raised in the Gruzdiai/Joniskis/Zagare area in the far north of Lithuania. I've got passenger lists, naturalization papers, and draft cards that list these towns. Except - the last brother who came in 1923 to America, lists 'Slaviansk' as his birthplace, both on the 1923 ship passenger list and on his 1942 US Army draft card. The only Slaviansk that I have found is in southern Ukraine, 700 miles from Gruzdiai/Joniskis/Zagare. I also noticed that on the 1923 passenger list, he is listed as a citizen of Russia, rather than of Lithuania. I know during World War I that Lithuanian Jews were forced into exile into Russia; could Slaviansk be where they were forced to go?

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