Searching for the children of my cousin Shmuel STEINER #israel

Norbert Steiner

One of my three first cousins passed away a few years ago and I lost track of his two children and wife. His name was Shmuel Steiner. He had two children but I don’t know their names. Their father called them Mirale and Dubi. They lived with their parents in Tiv’on, Israel. Shmuel was an advocate for Juvenile Delinquents in the Galilee and upper Jordan Valley. I know that Dubi moved to a Kibbutz in the Galilee near the border to Lebanon, and Mirale married someone at the Ben Gurion University in Beersheba. Shmuel’s father was the brother of my father. He had a brother who, according rumor, stole from him, and his children may not want to have anything to do with any other member of the Steiner family. This is all I can say and hope that Shmuel’s children will find it in their hearts to reconnect with me.


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