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I'm not sure this will be of help to you, but here goes.  I am not a Zager relative.  However, I am the historian of our small shul in the Highland Park district of Los Angeles, California.  The temple is Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock.  There were at least 13 founding mothers of the congregation that were the main force in getting our temple built in 1930 during the Great Depression. One of the major influencers of those early times was Gertrude Simonoff Zager.  She was married to Jack Zager.  In the 1920s and beyond, there was also a Sarah Zager that lived next door to this couple.  I'm not sure if Sarah was Jack's sister, sister-in-law, or mother.  My focus has been on the founders.  You might want to check and just use the surname of Zager in California.  Though the three people I have mentioned are not listed there (yet), Jack & Gert's grandson, Lt. Edward Zager, is listed.  He was a young man killed in the Viet Nam War.  I also noticed the name Morris Zager listed twice.  These individuals may not be the one you are interested in, but here is the link for the one that was born in December 1893 and is buried in Los Angeles: .  

Good luck!

Delaine Shane

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