STEIGLITZ/STIEGLITZ/STAGLITZ or similar died or killed while in the Polish army early 1880s #poland #unitedkingdom #usa

Barry Clarke

How I yearn to discover info about my great-grandfather. We don't know his first name, only that he was a STEIGLITZ, STIEGLITZ, STAGLITZ, or similar. My father referred to him as Steiglitz; on a rough family tree someone wrote Stieglitz or Steiglitz with a question mark; on his wife's UK (second) marriage certificate, his name is spelt Staglitz (deceased), which may have been how it sounded phonetically to the clerk, who spelt her maiden name incorrectly.

The only other information we have is that he died or was killed around the time or shortly after the birth of his son, SAMUEL (my grandfather), and that he was in the Polish army. Samuel's date of birth was April 22, 1881. My father believes Samuel was born in KRAKOW, but he was not certain. Samuel's mother, Steiglitz's wife, was a SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar. Her anglicized first name was MOLLY Hebrew MALKA. She was born around 1862. There are only three clues as to where they may have married.
1. We know that her brother, MAX was born in JEDWABNE in 1870, so that may have been the family home town. Their parents were MARKS/MATTHEW and ZLATO/LOTTIE SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar.
2. A second (flimsy) clue is the studio portrait of Molly taken at a WARSAW photography studio, where she looks to be around 20.
3. The possible Samuel birthplace of Krakow. A genealogist tried a Krakow and surroundings search of records with no luck. Another told me if the family were from Jedwabne under the Russian Empire, Krakow was unlikely as it was under the Austrian Empire.

Sometime between 1881 and 1883, Molly and infant Samuel emigrated to the UK. Molly met and married another Pole, from Seidlice, a Jacob Clarke. They had two further children, Gertie in 1887 and Hyman (Henry) in 1891. In 1905, they emigrated to South Africa.

My long-shot hope is that someone else is looking for the family of young Steiglitz, Stieglitz, Staglitz, or similar!

Barry Clarke,
British from Croydon, Edgware, Hove, now living in Sarasota, Florida

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