Re: Searching for Leah Noah Da Costa #unitedkingdom

Christine Hills

I am trying to find the birth name of Leah who married Solomon Noah Da Costa, they are my 4xGt. Grandparents. This is Soloman's record:
FS Birth register (1767-1881) Bevis Marks Synagogue Salomon /Da Costa Noah/ Sex:Male Birth: 18 September 1770 PARENTS:Father:Isaac De Abraham Gomez /Da Costa/ Mother: Ester De Jacob /Dias/ SOURCE Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira, BA and Chloe Loewe, PhD, The Birth register (1767-1881) of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews' Congregation, London (London, The Spanish and Portuguese jews' Congregation, 1993. The Birth register (1767-1881) 1/L1 K35s pt. 5.) CITING THIS RECORD The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "Community Trees," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 2017-05-26), Salomon /Da Costa Noah/. and circumcised at the Bevis Marks Synagogue, London, England on September 25, 1770.
I guess Solomon and Leah were married at Bevis Marks about 1798 as their 5 children were born between 1800 and 1817.
I would be grateful for any help in finding Leah's birth name.
Thank you. Christine Hills tinasusanamy@... born in England now living in Dublin Ireland

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