Searching for Shatkin relatives out of Ukraine #usa #ukraine


What we know about Aaron Shatkin....

·       Family name could be Shatkin or Shatkhen or Shadkhin; name in USA is Shatkin

·       Research time period…..1820-1906

·       Focus on Aaron Joseph Shatkin; arrived at Ellis Island on June 9, 1922; he was ~80 at the time, estimated birth year 1836 and died Jan 18, 1928 and buried in Warwick, RI, his son Louis arrived in the USA in late 1800’s and was born Sep 15, 1865 – died Jun 14, 1928 and buried in Warwick, RI

Research of records in Ukraine....

·       In the list with no title, with subheading "From Novokonstantinov" we found Shatkin

·       p. 385 rev – 386, serial 276, 208 N [likely the number under which listed in

·       Novokonstantinov census of 1858] Shadkhin Shmul son of Aron, 30 years of

·       age, died in Letichev. His son Zelman, 11 years old, in Letichev; Shmul's brother

·       Simkha, 23 years old; Shmul's uncle Ios son of Iosiof, 49 years of age, deceased;

·       Ios' sons Gershko 24 years old, Duvid 9 years old; Simkha's sons Nukhim 6

·       years old, Avrum 2 years old; Gershko's sons Moshko 13 years old, Ios 3 years

·       old, Mikhel 3 months; Duvid's son Khaim, 3 years old.

Any information would be helpful
Charlie Newman...Saratoga Springs, NY USA   

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