Re: Unable to find names on passenger lists #names


You never quite know how your family was listed in passenger lists.  It took me a long time to find my great-grandparents (Levine) passenger list record to America.  I finally located them (and their children at the time) on a boat from England to New York under the name Lewin.  Additionally, all their first names were just given as initials.  I was able to match the passenger listing because the years of birth, year of travel, and first initials all matched my great-grandparents information and their family.  Now, if only I could locate my great-aunt's (Ida Florence Levine, around 1886-1887) birth in England.  No luck yet, and I don't know what town they were living in (probably just for months or maybe a year) prior to boarding to America. 

Good luck with your passenger list searching!
Richard Levine

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