Seeking Jewish roots of my NAGIN family - Lithuania (Vilnius) #poland #lithuania

Szymon Nagin

Hello Everyone,

I'm from Warsaw, but my family comes from Lithuania and lived for many years in Vilnius. I'm trying to find any informations about my ancestors.
I found a lot of Jewish families with the same surname in Jewish Gen - even from Vilnius, but I can't find any connections between them and my family members I know about.
The last person I have some informations about is Jerzy NAGIN  (Georgy). Born 1866 in Vilnus and and died there in 1935. His wife was Zofia Nagin. Unfortunately I have only names of his parents. His mother's name was Anna and father's name was Vasily.
I found some photos of his grave in Christian cemetery in Vilnius and I also found a photo of the another grave with my family name, but this photo was taken in orthodox cemetery. I have to find what was happening before or beside, because I don't think it is an accidental coincidence of names and I want to know what happened with the Jewish roots of my family.

I will be extremely grateful if anyone would share with me knowledge that could help me to put my story together.

Best regards!     Szymon Nagin <szymon.nagin@...>

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