Re: Minsk vs minsk #belarus

Diane Jacobs

Moderator Note:  The JewishGen Belarus website has a map and lots of informaton.
A good first stop searching for family from either Minsk.
You may never k ow without finding a record.
My grandmother said she came from Minsk Gubernia but she actually came from Pinsk  which is in Minsk Gubernia
Diane Jacobs 
Date: 5/15/20 3:00 PM (GMT-05:00)    Mary Ellen <memsp@...> wrote:
I have a relative who says her grandfather was born in Minsk. I see on the map that there are 2 Minsk"s.
One seems to be a region/state and the other a town by the same name in that region. How am I to
know which Minsk my relative is referring to.  Thank you.

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