Re: Unable to find names on passenger lists #names


Hi Peter,
I have had that same problem but have figured out a strategy that panned out.
1. If your relatives came from Poland or the Galicia area of Austria, I have found several male relatives who came under their MOTHER's maiden name----probably to avoid military conscription or some other reason. If you know for sure that they lived in NYC, that is lucky because NY State and Federal Naturalization records should be available for them and they will tell you if the person came under one name and is also known as another. Try to find as many documents other than passenger list to look for clues.
2. Use website to search for passenger lists. I would suggest doing a broad search (meaning the earliest and latest dates available---1892-1924 on the Gold Form) for JUST THE LAST NAME of the person. It will show you all the people with that name (with alternate spellings), with their LAST KNOW PLACE OF RESIDENCE. This is a great way to see all the first names. Perhaps they were misspelled, etc.---You may find other relatives that traveled with them or other things. I tried this and the best choice seemed to be (is Phonetically). 
3. Have you been able to find ANY records of him in NY? You may want to expand where you are looking. The LDS Church ( is a useful site.

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