Re: Research Maurice Leizerson, family of Claude Pasquier and Kronental, Sternis or Berliner #poland #france


Hi Danielle

Yesterday I wrote a long answer with important information from some passenger manifests, but it seems it didn't pass.

1938 and 1939 Paul Parczewski (later Paul Parski) went twice to his brother A. Parski in New York. Maryem Parczewski, 87bis rue Lafayette, Paris

1942: Maryem Parczewski (née Glajchmann) and son Claude Jacques Benjamin Parczewski. Mother Bajla Glajchmann in Ogrodowa, Warsaw, Poland.

They sailed on the "Serpa Pinto" from Casablanca to New York on 7 June 1942, you will find some more information if you search for "Serpa Pinto".



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