In search of Noam BECKERMAN from Ukraine/?Crimea #ukraine

Peter Lobbenberg

Eugenia ZASLAVSKY was born in Kerch, Crimea (Ukraine/Russia) on 20 April 1903, one of eight siblings born variously in Kerch and in Genichesk on the Sea of Azov (also Ukraine/Russia).  
On 2 August 1919 Eugenia, aged 16, gave birth to a son Ura (later George); it is not known whether he was born in Kerch, Genichesk, or as one family document suggests, Kharkov.  Both Eugenia and Ura took the surname BECKERMAN, and Ura grew up to be told that his father's name was Noam BECKERMAN and that he came from Kharkov.  But there is no further trace of Noam, and nothing is known about him.  In particular it is not known whether whether he disappeared after getting Eugenia pregnant, whether they remained together and married, or perhaps something in between: or possibly he died young.  
In the early 1920s Eugenia's brother Abraham ZASLAVSKY and most of his siblings, including Eugenia with little Ura in tow, emigrated seriatim to China: initially to Harbin and then, in about 1925, to Shanghai where Ura grew up.  Noam - always assuming that was his real name - appears to have vanished from the scene.
Can anyone help trace Ura's father Noam BECKERMAN from this very sketchy outline, or suggest how and where it might be possible to make further enquiries?
Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

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