Seek info about 17th century mixed marriages--Rhineland & Switzerland? #germany #france


     I'm a newbie. trying to find out if there are Jewish connections to my husbands family.    Per mixed marriages in the 1600's-1700's I would be interested in any research that has been done. In looking at my family line I noticed a definite
correlation (in Switzerland) of when Jews were booted out of certain cantons -that was when my family lines showed up in various parts of the country
as Reformed or Anabaptist/Mennonite. My dad tells the story (he wasnt sure how genuine) that the Lehmans originated from Lake Lehman (spelling?)
and might have been Jewish. Unlike most Mennonites my family lines (WEBER/HORST) were strong pro-Israel for generations. What I found interesting was that
both in Switzerland -Germany(Palatinate) and on coming to America there were several families that had tight connections -married each other -my generation
is the first to actually marry outside those connections. My dad could speak Pa. Dutch well enough that when he went to Europe for Relief work after WW2 that
he could talk fluently with the people he worked with.
WILBERS  - Krefeld Germany (husbands family) possible Jewish ? not sure thats why i'm on this

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