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Joel Hayflick

Hi Joel,

My SPITKOVSKY ancestors came through Castle Garden arriving on July 6, 1882 aboard steam ship “Australia”. There is a gap in the arrivals manifest, identified by passenger numbers jumping from one page to the next, on the digitized microfilm for this ship arrival in NY and that gap led me to ask the park service to investigate further. As bad luck would have it, my ancestors were on the pages in this gap. The park service wrote back in response to my inquiry about the nature of this gap in the record and indicated that the page was either missing or in such bad shape as to be unreadable hence was not photographed.

After 15 years searching in vain on microfilm records for arrivals into the US, I uncovered a newspaper article that mentioned the year in which my ancestor arrived. As a next step, I went to the Hamburg lists which proved to be instrumental to breaking through this brick wall. After finding them on the departures list, which has much less information than on the arrivals lists, that pointed me to the ship name and departure date. Using Stephen Morse’s One Step search tool I found the arrival date and city for the vessel.

Joel Hayflick,  Palo Alto CA USA   <jhayflick@...>

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