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Steven Turner

As part of our educational program series, we are pleased to announce the posting of two programs by Dr. Andrew Zalewski, vice president of Gesher Galicia. The new webinars, prepared in collaboration with Jay Osborn, our digital map manager, bring the following topics to your desktop:

Historical Maps of Galicia (I): Borders Explained

Galician borders in flux are illustrated by cartographic masterpieces. Maps in English, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian provide the backdrop to a commentary on historical and political changes, spanning from the 18th through the 20th centuries. This program examines the borders of Galicia during peacetime and wartime, from the tumultuous Napoleonic period through the two world wars, making it easier to follow perplexing territorial shifts.

Historical Maps of Galicia (II): Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods

Discover how historical maps illustrate the Jewish presence in the main cities of Galicia. Old maps bring into focus separate and shared spaces in the multiethnic urban environment of the 19th century. As you take a virtual stroll through smaller Galician towns, you will find out how cadastral maps can shed light on neighborhoods and communal life. From unfinished sketches to detailed final drawings, cadastral maps are made easier to understand, with additional resources shared at the end of the program.

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Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia

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