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I need advice from those more experienced than me in family research as I may be going about this all wrong. I have been researching my Germany family tree over the last few months and have found details on my 4th Great Grandfather. The information is from the archivist from Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Bavaria. Browsing Google Books, I found an Annual Report in German on the "Agricultural and Commerce" school which has my 4th Great Grandfather's name mentioned in it. 


I am stumped to figure out which German Jewish Community he comes from before he left for the US in 1859. My family is not showing up as a part of the Jewish Community or Synagogue in Sulzbach in the time frame of 1817. Maybe we have the wrong "Sulzbach." Nathan's father married someone from "Floss," which is not too far away. There is a name change from the Fraenkel branch we believe is our branch of the family from Sulzbach. We have documents that state Nathan was from Sulzbach, and I thought if I can confirm where this school is, it would prove that indeed he was from this area. 


Family: Neftelberger

Location: Sulzbach, Bavaria

Document Found: Annual Report on Primary School in Prussia timeframe with my 4th Great Grandfathers Name (Nathan Neftelberger) Dated: 1850/51 

Notes: Nathan Neftelberger, age 14, From Sulzbach, Father: Handlesmann (Merchant)

Does not note: Where the school located


Fathers name: Wolf Hirsch Neftelberger (Unknown)

Mother: Fanny (Fradel) Boskowitz (Floss, Germany)

1837: Semmerl and Naftalie (Nathan) births




I tried many avenues to see if there was a historian or documentation on schools in 1840-1860. I've also emailed a German Genealogist in Sulzbach that specialist in the Jewish community there and still waiting for a response (Understanding that she probably has a backlog of emails). Any advice I would greatly appreciate it.


TracieLyn O'Brien-Rydzewski (Family Name: Neftelberger/Adler)


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