Re: Jewish gauchos Argentina #latinamerica

Alberto Guido Chester

Hi there
As far as I know, there are no databases (neither lists) of Jewish colonists in Argentina.
If your relative came to Argentina, the only database of arrivals is located at
Notice it is 1.incomplete due to lack of some of the original books, 2. does not have Soundex capabilities. 
This means you should search the surname with several spellings thinking like a Spanish speaking clerk in the 1900´ be creative.
Your assumption that this uncle was a colonist seems too vague, except if he came in the 1890´s
After the initial Baron de Hirshc efforts, thousands of Jews first from Russia and later from Poland came to Argentina.
Maybe he did economically well here, and had a business ? There are business guides, usually used by immigrants where he could advertise.
You dont mention if he came back to Argentina after finding a wife in Manchester. 
Notice it is 1. incomplete, 2. at the end of the form there are several cemeteries listed, check in each one, 3. these cemeteries serve people living in Greater Buenos AIres city, NOT the numerous Jewish communities in the vast interior of the country and 4 the search engine does not have a Soundex capability.
Hope this helps

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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