Re: Jewish gauchos Argentina #latinamerica

Mitchell Collier

Borrowing some resources mentioned in other threads:



CEMLA ( Argentina Immigrants Database



This private Facebook group is very helpful (request to join, then you can post).

Post in English and use the translate link to read the Spanish responses

Grupo de AGJA "Paul Armony"

AGJA on the web



Families from Mstibovo who immigrated to Argentina around the turn of the last century


Search for Jewish surnames

Website for researching the origin and meaning of the Jewish surnames and finding relatives in Argentina.


Mitchell Collier



Original message:

Jewish gauchos Argentina #latinamerica
From: Michael Sharp
A uncle of my mother was a gaucho in Argentina but moved to Manchester UK to find a wife. We don't know where in eastern Europe he came from but assume he lived in one of the Hirsch  colonies in Argentina. Does anyone know of any searchable databases containing vital records, census or immigration data for the colonies?




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