Lives Lost A Story About Two Brothers During World War ll Who Died of Corona Virus in NYC #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen

The Associated Press has a series entitled, Lives Lost about those who died from the Coronavirus. A recent series publication tells the story of two brothers—Joseph and Alexander Feingold-- who survived the Holocaust.  One survived Auschwitz, a death march to the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp,  and starvation. The other endured cold and hunger in a Siberian labor camp, then nearly died in a pogrom back in Kielce, Poland. Joseph Feingold was believed to be the last living survivor of that 1946 Kielce massacre.


Joseph was the focus of a 2017 Oscar-nominated documentary, Joe’s Violin where he donates his violin  which he got in a DP camp in 1947-to a local instrument drive (, changing the life of a schoolgirl from the nation’s poorest congressional district.  Both died in New York City a month apart-both from the Corona Virus, both in their mid-90s.

To read their story and see photos go to:


Thank you to Randy Herschaft, AP,  for sharing the story with us.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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