KAMIL - Vyzhnytsa - (Wiznitz)

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Assisting a friend seeing the roots of his KAMIL family - Ephraim and Prive b. c. 1850 had according to family lore 9/10 children, Leizer , Moshe, Shlomo,Yitzhak, Leibish and Freida. are the only known names. Shlomo went to Palestine and have full family tree, Leibish murdered in the Shoah, Leizer, Moshe and Yitzhak were known to have gone to NY - found them and descendants although none knew they had relatives, Frieda unknown, found tombstones of Prive in Vyzhnytsa cemetery d 1932 and apparently a daughter Rahel 1906., the only records for the town are on Family Search however not for the relevant years I am seeking i.e. before 1918 - 

I know there were many KAMIL families settling in the USA  from the same area but upon finding death records none lead to parents being Ephraim/Froim - Prive., however perhaps your family may have descended from a sibling of Ephraim?

If you have Ephraim and/or Prive in your tree please contact me.

Thank you in anticipation.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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