Trying to find link between GELLER and LANDAU families #galicia #names


Good day, I’m trying to find records that can link the Landau family to my family, the Gellers. My dad was born (1912) in Podkamien/Zolochev in Galicia Ukraine, and he had cousins (Michael Leon, Frymet/Gitel, Feiwel, Joseph Solomon, and Rachmie) in Zolochev named Landau. Their parents were Berl/Berish/Benjamin and Ryfka/Rebeka/Ruth (nee Wander). Ruth was born in Pomoryany or Sasow/Sasiv in ˜1878 to Mechel Wander and Rachel Hecht. If you have any information linking the Wanders or Landaus to my fathers parents Solomon or Breine (nee Frischwasser, parents Abraham Chaim and Chane), that would be very much appreciated.
Thanks, Steven Geller
Montreal, QC, Canada

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