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For several years I am trying to find information o my wife's Grandfather.

The only information that I have is this document:

Inline image 1

We also know and we have a picture of him as a Dirigent officer in the Ostro - Hungarian Army and arrived to Poland and there married to my wife's grandmother in Łaszczów Poland 
We know that at the beginning of the war he was in an orchestra in a concert tour and that was the reason that the family was separated, His wife Lea (born Frimer) with her four children left Poland to Russia and since then she did not met or knew anything about her husband.
I have also this document
At the Fifties they got a message from his friend that he died several years after the war but they do not know when and where.
We assume that arrived after the war he got to the town in Poland and may be while not finding his family he returned to the Czech Republic and this is the reason that I apply to your assistance.
Can you please assist me in finding information on Josef Heinl born Jewish in Schönbach to his mother Resi and his father Lorenz in 1884. 
Thanks in advance,
Dr. Zvi Hatkevitz



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