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Held in Posad Govarchev on the twenty-eighth of December, one thousand nine hundred year.

 On January 10, one thousand nine hundred and one year, at ten o’clock in the morning, Simha Reshelbuh, thirty-four years old, and Aizik Eisenberg, thirty-eight years old, came to Posad Govarchev and announced: on December twenty-eight Year one thousand nine hundred, at the morning of six hours, Khaim Deikh died, his son Moshka and Fradka, nee Rosenfarb, leaving behind her widowed wife Khana-Tsinia, nee Stud.  According to the present certificate of the deceased "Chaim Daih", this act is present, read by us and witnesses signed:

Simha Reshelbuh Isaac Eisenberg

Ravin Yakub Brockman

(not clear) civil status       signature


Comment:  Lust name of the person not Deych, but Deikh.


Text is a formal death certificate of  Khaim Deikh.

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