Ursula Wyss FREY, 16th century religious crossover? #general

howard sachs

My earlier inquiry relating to "mixed marriages" may have been unduly polite.  Many researchers (or family history copiers) refer to Ursula Wyss Frey, apparently from a Swiss Jewish family in the 16th century, as the mother of various children with a Frey surname, presumably not Jewish.  If accurate there is Interesting ancestry from a prominent Rabbi Weil and descendants, including Vice President Pence (according to a Geni reconstruction).  Comments have been made that Endingen and Legnau were safe home-sites for Jews in Switzerland at that time and that Mennonite conversions of Jews occasionally occurred in the 17th century--resulting in some  Jewish ancestry among the "Pennsylvania Dutch".  I would be interested in comment on this alleged  family linkage and also the material crossover theory, by early day conversion or otherwise.

Howard Sachs   <hfsachs@...>

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