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Peter Lobbenberg


I recommend - excellent for Austrian genealogy.  Membership is free, although my personal experience was that it was a bit of a hassle to join.  It has some more details for Tobias which you appear not to have: 

1). He and Leah divorced in Vienna on 24 Dec 1918
2). On 3 May 1920 he married Lotti Reinisch, also in Vienna.
3). That certainly didn't last - they divorced on 15 July 1920, again in Vienna
4). Still in Vienna, he then married a third time, to Frieda Zahler in 1924.

Then, Siegfried Sacher Werner:  Ancestry has a Sacher Siegfried Werner, born 29 Dec 1898, being naturalised in the state of New York on 5 Dec 1949.  And a Sigfried [sic] Sacher Werner,  same DOB, died in Dade County, Florida on 28 July 1983, aged 85.  I'm pretty sure he is the same Sacher Werner who gained a certain fame as a driver in the New York harness racing world:
Sacher S. Werner.
Born in Austria on December 29, 1898.
Sacher Werner's harness racing career spanned over 50 years and two continents.
In his native Austria, Sacher was employed in the perfume business.
He was at the same time, as he described it, "horse crazy", lending him in 1914 to train trotters and pacers as a hobby.
Six years, and a world War later, he made his first pari-mutual track start at a raceway in Vienna.
It still was to be two more years before that first win, scored with "Arnried" at Saint Poelten Austria.
His initial start in this Country in 1945 at Roosevelt, came close to finding him watching the race from the first aid station rather than in the sulky. Paddock gate guards, not knowing him, and unable to understand him, enlisted the aid of a German speaking bystander as an interpreter, as Werner tried to enter the grounds. After a few exchanges, they rushed him to the first aid room, as the interpreter told the guards that Sacher claimed to be a driver, but must have gone crazy after losing all his money. Moments before the race, Paul Keim, assistant race secretary came to his rescue, and by the way, Sacher won the race.
Leading driver at Saratoga in 1955.
Held the world record in 1945 with "tru Single G." at 1 1/8 miles in 2:24

If you have access to or a similar newspaper archive, there are some interesting articles about him.  Otherwise I can gladly send privately if you're interested.

Apart from Berta Bluma you don't give the names of the other siblings; and whilst Tobias and Siegfried feature on maggiej78360's tree on Ancestry (would that be you by any chance??), that tree is set to "Private" so I can't access more detail. However, the Sydney Morning Herald for 11 May 1978 (source: carried an advertisement following the death of one Jakob Kurt Werner.  His executors are named as Robert Sacher Werner (aka David Sacher Werner) and Robert William Tobias, with a third executor Leah Susan Rebecca Werner in reserve.   Given the similarity of names, could it be that some of the family settled in Australia?  It's a long shot, but I thought it worth mentioning!

Best wishes
Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

Best wishes
Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

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